Maddie Le Roux South Africa

Maddie Le Roux is the winner of the 2023 Zwift Academy. It’s the eighth year the women’s Zwift Academy has been held as a talent identification program, with the winner earning the ultimate prize of a professional contract. More than 108,000 Zwifters participated in the 2023 Zwift Academy program, with South Africa’s Maddie setting herself apart from the other finalists. Maddie distinguished herself by having strong power numbers and a lot of race experience. 

Maddie has a triathlon background and a university degree in teaching. She has been focusing solely on cycling for the past three years.

Maddie says, “Throughout my triathlon career, people used to tell me that if I focus more on my cycling, maybe I could make something of it. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I tried Zwift, and at the end of 2020, I decided to give cycling a shot; I didn’t want to look back one day and think ‘what if’. I did some races with a domestic team in 2021. I came onto the radar of the World Cycle Centre (WCC) team, and for the last two years, I was living in Aigle, Switzerland, racing for the WCC Women’s Continental Team.”

“Unfortunately, transitioning from the WCC to another team was more challenging than anticipated. I came home in October last year with no prospects of a team for 2024. I entered Zwift Academy to knock on as many doors as possible to try and make it back to Europe. I felt that I hadn’t worked so hard only to come this far, and I wasn’t ready to give up on my dream. Here we are, winner of the 2023 Zwift Academy! Still quite unbelievable, to be completely honest.”

“Winning Zwift Academy is by far my biggest cycling accomplishment to date. I would describe myself as a climber, but I carry a good 1-2 minute punch, and whilst I haven’t had much experience with time trials, I think I could be quite good in this discipline. I am a very supportive teammate and someone you can always count on, on or off the bike.”

“The whole Zwift Academy finals experience was amazing! I was way calmer than I thought I would be. For each challenge, my goal was simple: give your best effort, however, it looked like on that day. I managed my emotions and nerves quite well throughout the week. Everyone from CANYON//SRAM was so friendly and open to us finalists that it felt like we were already part of the team. I truly enjoyed the whole experience.”

“It hasn’t sunk in yet. It feels like that was a dream, and I am back to reality now, where things like that never happened to me. On the way home, whilst sitting at the airport, seeing the teaser video, I started to cry. Winning the Zwift Academy is enormous for me. I know I need to do loads of work, but I am excited for the start of this new chapter.”

“In 2024, I’m looking forward to learning from the best in the business! I look forward to being a part of a team where they want to help us develop, learn and grow into the best cyclists we can be. I have some individual goals I’ve set out for this season, such as wearing the best climber jersey in a race and being more present in the front part of the peloton. With winning this contract, I also want to use this opportunity to learn as much as possible and be a teammate my team can depend on.”



  • Winner 2023 Zwift Academy
  • 3rd place, GP Cidade de Pontevedra
  • 2nd place, GP Excelsior Berra Immobilier
  • 2nd place, GP Crevoisier
  • 9th place, Alpes Gresivaudan Classic
  • Winner, Trofeu Ajuntament d’Ondara
  • 3rd place, Groupe e critérium de Bulle


UCI Women's Continental Team

CANYON//SRAM Generation is the development team for the World Tour Team and is part of CANYON//SRAM Racing’s long-term D&I program. This two-tier structure was the first for a European-based WorldTeam to create a formal pathway to the Women’s World Tour. Now in its third year, the team aims to help talented female athletes from diverse backgrounds reach the top of professional cycling and to help them break new ground for their future and the future of cycling. The roster of CANYON//SRAM Generation unites nine ambitious women from nine countries.


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