14.02.2019 ,

CANYON//SRAM Racing partners with Terrano

Terrano, a subsidiary of Cardo Systems, the global market leader in wireless communication systems for motorcyclists, today announced its partnership with our team, supplying its latest generation product, TerranoXT.

With the communication technology of Terrano, we can further our mission in performance and training safety. Terrano is developed for cyclists, by cyclists. Driven by adventure, adrenaline and performance balanced with human connection, Terrano strives to bring the cycling community together, safely. Terrano embraces the sport’s strong community vibe and rider companionship with safety-oriented communication devices designed for all of life’s shared moments on two wheels.

“Safety on the road and communication with another is key! I am excited that the team has joined forces with Terrano, in technology research and development partnership. The team is always committed to use latest technologies to improve the riders training communication, also with their coaches, and as well as improving safety during group rides. I believe that Terrano is a powerful piece in that puzzle,” commented Ronny Lauke, Team Manager CANYON//SRAM Racing.

The team will be an active component in product testing, product development and community outreach for Terrano. Terrano will be integrally involved in supporting the team’s participation in community events and inspiring more people to get out and enjoy bike riding.

“Terrrano is extremely proud to partner with CANYON//SRAM Racing, the reigning Women’s Team Time Trial world champions. Terrano’s partnership with the program goes far beyond the typical team corporate sponsorship. We see in this partnership a strategic milestone to raise the awareness to the importance of out-of-the ear communication device while riding and how it can improve ride safety for all cyclists. The athletes are using Terrano communication systems in their daily training, providing profound insight for our company’s development. Leveraging the know-how and the experience of the team’s management, along with ongoing feedback from the team’s pro athletes during the season, we believe we have a strong platform for R&D,” said Ran Margaliot, Managing Director, Terrano Systems.

Team rider Alexis Ryan is excited about this new partnership as it crosses from racing strategy to daily training.

“Terrano is an innovative communication tool that will be very useful to our team during course reconnaissance. The intuitive operation and sound clarity will allow information to transfer fluidly between riders in the group and staff in the car. I’m looking forward to discovering all the ways Terrano can enhance my cycling experience,” commented Ryan.

“I’m looking forward so see how the use of the Terrano system influences our communication within the team while inspecting a race course or training. Especially for TTT (team time trial) preparation, I can see Terrano working well. Voice activation allows you to keep your hands on the extensions to keep yourself and your teammates safe, with still being able to pay attention to the surrounding road noises.  The best feature for me as a weak climber is the possibility of 1.5 km reach. It allows me to stay in contact with the strong climbers to keep them informed about my pain cave!” added Tanja Erath, rider, CANYON//SRAM Racing.

Learn more about Terrano here.


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